Wranglers Strike Gold Again!!

Tumbleweed Tibbs and the Wranglers were at it again last weekend striking gold and bringing home another championship.

Mason Holloway pitched 3 scoreless innings in the championship game with Brady May coming in to close it out.

May's father was at a loss for words with the pitcher's performance.

S. Ballard hit his first home run of the year, on his first at bat, sending a message to the rest of the youth baseball world.

Tumbleweed Tibbs with his son, Lil' Weed, celebrating after the game.

After the final game, Tibbs handed out praise and advice for the young champions. "These guys work. I don't mean they have jobs, I mean like baseball kind of work. They work hard at wrangling these championships and I couldn't be more proud. But, we can't let it go to our heads like we're a prize bull or something. We've got to keep at it. If you want that blue ribbon in the state fair of life....you gotta keep wrangling!"

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