Let's bypass the build up and get straight to the conclusion of the Wranglers third tournament of the season. The day ended with the Wranglers on top and riding off into the sunset with a championship trophy and another set of rings.

Coach Tibbs proved yet again to be the wiliest tumbleweed on the field as he pulled card after card from his sleeve and the Wranglers hightailed it into the championship game. After a game saving catch in the outfield, the Wranglers claimed their first championship of the season and the legend of Coach Tibbs and his band of ring wearing Wranglers was spreading all over.

"You see, baseball is a lot like breaking a wild bronco", Tibbs said after the game, "You climb on and hold on for as long as you can until one of you wins. These boys worked hard and earned this. And there's a little less gold in them there hills tonight, 'cause we'll be wearing some of it home."

Go Wranglers!

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