Do we have enough fingers?

The Wranglers were at it again last weekend just doing what they do....winning rings. With this week's field including teams from Corinth, MS, Savannah TN, and the all over the shoals area, the Wranglers strolled in to town as the lone team from Hamilton, Alabama. They knew they wouldn't get the drop on anyone after gaining the reputation for being a hard out in last week's tournament.

After an 8 A.M. start, the Wranglers found themselves taking the field late that evening in what would be their second straight championship game. After a hard fought battle, they did eventually fall to the Shoals Creek Thunder to take home second place and yet another ring.

So, do they have enough fingers to keep collecting rings at this pace? Coach Tibbs certainly thinks so. When asked about the rings, he responded, "Sure, we got enough fingers. I don't personally wear rings but I like to look at 'em. They're shiny." He also had this to say about teams being ready for them now that they've proven themselves to be a formidable opponent.

"Look, we roll into any place we go to play like a wily tumbleweed. We just go with the flow until it's time to handle our business....the ring business."

Good luck to the Wranglers next weekend and ya'll Keep Wranglin'.

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