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Simply click the "Copy Video URL" button at the top of the video, then paste the address (it looks like a web page) into an e-mail, text message, or Instant Message. How do I play a video file with a Chinese character name in Windows Explorer? When you try to open a video file named [Chinese character name], and you receive the following message: Windows Explorer cannot display some contents of this folder. The folder you requested might be in a format that cannot be displayed. An appropriate application to view this folder is required. Please select "Open with." Which app should I use? Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, double-click the "Default Programs" icon. In the "Default Programs" dialog box, click the "Set Your Default Programs" button. In the "Set Your Default Programs" dialog box, click the "Select a Program to Set As Default" arrow, and then click the "Set a different program" arrow. In the "Set a different program" dialog box, click the arrow next to the video player you want to use, and then click the "Set This Program As Default" button. Do you have any idea how to solve the problem? If so, please write it in your article. You can also try the discussion board for more information.Q: Making two CSV columns act as a lookup value I am currently creating a bash script that reads from a CSV and then finds the next and previous values of the row based on the set value in the first column. The file I am using to store values in is a simple CSV file that looks something like this: 1,2 3,5 4,6 8,9 7,10 I would like to do something like this: Lookup 1 - Search for 2 in first row Lookup 2 - Search for 3 in first row ... Lookup n - Search for n+1 in first row I can only seem to find examples of how to do this when the values are equal and when you only have a single value to look up. Thanks in advance for your help. A: You can use the following BASH script: #!/bin/bash INPUT=/path/to/input.txt WANT=2



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