Wave Solution Game Basketball 29.5

Wave Solution Game Basketball 29.5

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  • The best players are in total control, and the Wave Solution Game Ball provides that and more. 24 additional T3 grooves improves overall grip to help your shooting and ball handling. Combined with our exclusive moisturize absorbing cover, this is some of the most innovative basketball technology available to true students of the game. So, don't wait. Study up.

Patented Wave pattern creates 4x more grip points, with each groove closer together for improved grip while shooting, passing, catching and reboundingComposite laid-in channels are made from the same high-tack composite as the rest of the ball, unlike inferior balls that use smooth rubber channels. This means the Wave is easier to grip, no matter where on its surface your fingers land.Cushion Core is a sponge-like core, which is soft and makes the ball easier to control vs competitor balls who use a stiff core. Cushion core allows for maximum feel and ball control.

Channel Construction Pebbled Composite

Cover Construction Composite

Playing Surface Indoor